Sitka Gear Goes Lite on the Jetstream


Sitka Gear, the industry leader in performance hunting gear, introduces the Jetstream Lite Jacket and Vest featuring the extremely weather resistant WINDSTOPPER technology. The Jetstream Lite Vest and Jacket are essential items for the active western hunter who requires a lightweight and packable wind protection piece.

A key design feature on the Jetstream Lite series is the utilization of a unique 4-way stretch GORE fabric that provides a trimmer fit and increased mobility, with Traverse fabric on the shoulder, ease of movement and not feeling weighed down by your gear won’t be an issue. With 2 chest pockets and 2 hand pockets on the jacket and 1 chest and 2 hand pockets on the vest, you’ll be sure to have all of your key items within easy reach.

The Jetstream Lite Vest is nearly 30% lighter than the original Jet Stream and features added length in the tail. The lighter weight makes it ideal for the hunter looking to pack an extra insulation layer or an outer wind barrier.

Jetstream Lite Jacket Specs:

  • 4-Way Stretch Side & Shoulder Panels
  • 2 Chest & 2 Hand Pockets
  • Micro Check Backer
  • Camo Sizes: M-3XL
  • Solid Sizes: M-XXL
  • GORE OPTIFADEConcealment Open Country
  • MSRP:  $229

Jetstream Lite Vest Specs:

  • 4-Way Stretch Side Panels
  • 1 Chest & 2 Hand Pockets
  • Micro Check Backer
  • Sizes:M-3XL     
  • GORE OPTIFADEConcealment Open Country
  • MSRP:  $149

Sitka Gear’s top-quality products feature the most scientifically advanced visual concealment pattern ever to hit the market – GORE OPTIFADE Concealment, the first-ever concealment based on the science of animal vision. The unique micro-pattern considers the way a deer or other ungulate perceives color, the ratio of positive to negative space and other visual elements to create an effect that allows the hunter to blend with the animal’s perception of the environment. The macro-pattern breaks up the symmetry of the human body so that if a hunter is detected, the animal will not be able to identify the hunter as a predator.

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