WALLHANGER TV on Pursuit Channel Partners with Advanced Treestand Technologies


WALLHANGER TV, the 8:30 p.m. keystone of Pursuit Channel’s Q3-4 Close Call Thursday’s presented by Kawasaki, has announced a new promotional partnership with Advanced Treestand Technologies (ATT) of Smackover, Arkansas. Safe, quiet, comfortable tree stands are critical components to the production of shows like WALLHANGER TV, and super-enthusiast hosts and producers like Chad and Dana Wall, who specialize in fair-chase bowhunts for mature whitetail deer.

“I did a double-take the first time I saw an ATT stand, because the design work was so interesting, so eye catching,” said Chad Wall, an expert in his own right regarding the manufacturing processes of bombproof outdoor gear. “Tree stands are vital to what we do in the whitetail woods with WALLHANGER, and I soon found myself using words like ‘unbelievable’ and ‘blown away’ as I learned more about the people and the products of ATT.

“Innovation and craftsmanship: These ATT tree stands do things that have never been seen before in this market,” Wall concluded. “So, it’s a real honor to turn our viewers on to ATT, to have a hand in exposing these inventive tree stands to a national audience of hardcore hunters.”

Dana Wall echoed her husband’s sentiments: “ATT tree stands are safe, really easy to hang, rugged, quiet and comfortable,” she said. “Like with the cool factor of a well-made compound bow, there is a distinct level of art to the form and function of an ATT stand. It’s simply a great gear match-up for Chad and I. We’re really blessed to be partnered with ATT tree stands.”

Those feelings are shared by the principle of ATT. “Chad and Dana’s on-screen presence and their abilities to knockdown “wallhangers” all across the country are allowing them full access to a large and growing national audience,” said Ryan Wheelington, ATT’s Founder and President. “But it is their work ethic, their small-town family values, their genuineness and their faith that ultimately sealed Chad and Dana Wall, WALLHANGER TV and the Pursuit Channel as crucial power players for the ATT brand of tree stands.”

Computer aided design and finite element analysis have helped the bowhunters/missile technologists at ATT make notable improvements to the tree stand, including: an integrated dual ratchet system, a Rapid Stow and Go system and an Inverse Leaf Design that gives ATT lock-on stands unmistakable application, especially for bowhunters who demand total close-range concealment. Visit www.advancedtreestands.com for more.

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