Viridian Green Lasers Help Light Up Summer Blockbuster “White House Down”


White House Down may be the biggest, most explosive blockbuster of the summer – thanks in part to the cinematic firepower of Viridian Green Lasers. With eye-dazzling brightness up to 50 times greater than red lasers, Viridian’s blazing green beams energize big-screen pursuits, assaults and firefights like nothing else – as well as giving Special Agent candidate John Cale (Channing Tatum) the most advanced laser sight on earth as he sets out to rescue the President (Jamie Foxx) from terrorists.

White House Down is a pyrotechnic powerhouse, featuring countless state-of-art weapons and defense tools in action – including John Cale’s steadfast Viridian X5L. And it isn’t the first time Viridian products have appeared onscreen.

According to Viridian President Brian Hedeen, “Our products have appeared in primetime network dramas, cable programs, and the popular video game Modern Warfare 2, but this is especially exciting exposure for us.  It may be one of the biggest films of the summer.  Channing Tatum, Jamie Fox, and Viridian Green Lasers sounds like a winning team to me! I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I hope our products are used by the ‘good guys’.”

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