Outdoor Roadmap Launches New, Improved Online Hunter Education Course


Outdoor Roadmap is launching a new and improved online Hunter Education Safety Course. Since Outdoor Roadmap LLC acquired the course, the Outdoor Roadmap team has been doing extensive research on the course with Hunter Ed Administrators, Instructors, Industry Professionals and students.

The result: a more concise course with improved narration, interactive exercises that are easier to operate, dozens of new photos to better illustrate specific learning objectives, revision of complex material and fewer quizzes that are more course reflective.

As a result of these changes, the Outdoor Roadmap online hunter education course is now approved for use by Colorado Parks & Wildlife. Here is what Mark Cousins, Hunter Education Administrator with Colorado had to say: “You’ve made huge improvements in the way the course flows, it is smoother and faster which will really help younger students. The emphases boxes help get the material across – like the added information on the carry methods. And, the improved and expanded photographs used throughout the course really help to convey the information being taught. ”

The Outdoor Roadmap online Hunter Education course is priced at $13, the lowest priced online narrated course available today. 90% of users are so satisfied with the course and learning that they say they would recommend it to others.

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