Trijicon Continues to “Support Big Deer TV with Mike Hanback” on Sportsman Channel


Trijicon Inc., manufacturer of premium firearm optics and sighting systems, is excited to sponsor the second season of Big Deer TV with Mike Hanback on The Sportsman Channel. Viewers will join Mike and the Big Deer Hunt Team as they pursue fair-chase whitetails and mule deer across North America.  Big Deer TV with Mike Hanback will debut Wednesday, July 3rd, 8 PM (EST), and will run throughout 3rd and 4th quarter 2013.

“Mike’s deer hunting expertise and his connection to hunters make him a great spokesperson for Trijicon,” said Tom Munson, Trijicon Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “We want the nation’s deer hunters to experience the true benefits of our illuminated hunting scopes from the big woods of the North to the brush country of South Texas.” Munson Continued, “Our Trijicon AccuPoint sales have increased tremendously as the word continues to grow among deer hunters.”

“I’m extremely happy to partner with Trijicon again this season,” said Hanback.  “I’ve had the opportunity to use the AccuPoint in a variety of conditions and I have to say that it has definitely elevated my success. The speed and clarity of Trijicon’s illuminated optics take one more factor out of the equation when you only have seconds to take the shot.”

Big Deer TV isn’t just about giant racks and trophy score. It’s about exploring the amazing deer hunting sub-culture that exists throughout North America. Hanback and team take the viewer everywhere from the Maine deer camps to vast western ranches in search of “Big Deer”.

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