Vicious Fishing Adds New Eyewear Licensee


Gets Vicious with Vicious Vision Powered by Xperio UV Superior Polarized Sun Lenses

Vicious Fishing is announcing the addition of 417 Specialty Optics, LLC of Forsyth, MO as a new Vicious licensee. This multi-year contract names 417 Specialty Optics as the exclusive provider of Vicious Vision Performance Sunglasses. The new eyewear will be powered by Xperio and Xperio UV lens technology, which is manufactured in the world’s largest optical laboratory, providing the sharpest vision, maximum UV protection and most scratch-resistant lenses made today.

The new lineup of Vicious Vision sunglasses is available in four TR90 frame styles – Velocity, Vengeance, Venom and Victory. Each of the frames will be available with either Xperio or Pro Series Xperio UV polarized lens technology with 6 performance color options. Custom prescription lenses, including bifocals and progressives, will be available through thousands of eyecare professionals nationwide providing the highest level of clarity and quality on the market.

The Pro Series Xperio UV lens has advanced technology on both the front and back side of the lens that will provide up to 20% greater contrast sensitivity and up to 3X more scratch resistance than competitive lenses. Additionally, the lenses are the only option on the market to offer an Eye-Sun Protection Factor® (E-SPF) of 50+, which provides at least 50 times more protection from dangerous UV radiation compared to wearing no lenses at all. For the price conscious consumer, the Xperio lens is available. It offers the advanced Xperio polarization technology along with an E-SPF factor of 25+ while still providing high quality optical clarity at a lower price point.

“As a veteran optometrist, I’ve seen just about every piece of eyewear that has come to the market for nearly two decades. When the stars aligned with the Xperio UV technology and the Vicious brand, I knew we had something great in the making,” stated Doug Jordan, owner and operator of Vicious Vision. “We have been beta testing the Pro Series Xperio UV technology with select Elite Series anglers over the past few months. They are reporting outstanding optical clarity along with enhanced vision when sight fishing compared to other brands. Providing a performance edge along with the best sun protection in the industry will, I believe, make Vicious Vision a true game-changer. There isn’t a better performing lens you can buy. I am very excited to bring this technology to the industry we all love.”

“When we met Doug Jordan for the first time, we knew he and his company were a great fit for Vicious. As with all of our branded merchandise, we have a desire to deliver a product that can compete at any level. Vicious Vision is going to allow us to do just that. We couldn’t be happier to have added them to our team,” boasted Vicious President, Jeff Martin.

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