Rippin Lips’ Whisker Nation set to deliver the catfishing “goods”

Imagine the buzz surrounding the angling community had the largemouth bass world record been broken seven times inside the past 20 years, and five times in the last decade. It sounds like crazy talk until you consider this is precisely what has occurred with North America’s third largest freshwater fish—the blue catfish, whose record has gone from 100 to 143 pounds in just two decades.

Now imagine attending a tournament in which the spectators show up in droves not to see their favorite angler, but to witness catfish the size of 8th graders emerging from livewells with regularity.

Indeed, these are exciting times for catfish anglers, and at last count numbered nearly 8-million savvy souls. That’s the “Whisker Nation,” and it’s growing fast.

Yet despite the great popularity of cats, folks who pursue these hard-pulling fish remain, in terms of available quality fishing tackle and gear, the most underserved angling group in the nation.

Rippin Lips, the emerging Pennsylvania based catfish company, intends to fix that. Recognizing the glaring need for top-tier catfish bait, tackle and gear at retailers nationwide, the cat-friendly company has for several years been quietly developing a premium line of products, with the singular goal of helping anglers catch more catfish and have more fun.

Consider this your official catfish call-to action. It’s a note to self: Check out Rippin Lips’ killer catfish spread at the upcoming ICAST show (Booth #414). If ICAST offered a “Best in Show” award for the catfish category, Rippin Lips might make a clean sweep. Until then, ponder the following cool catfish stuff—a few among many potential award winners— straight from the Whisker Nation.

No Trace Field Spray – To stay hidden from their prey, hunters douse hands and clothing in various scent-elimination products. Wise anglers act accordingly. No Trace is a refreshing, environmentally benign hand and skin sanitizer that eliminates the full spectrum of odors that repel fish. It’s also a natural antimicrobial and disinfectant. There’s nothing else like it.

Bootleg Dip Bait – An old secret bait formula has recently been discovered, bottled and released to the catfishing public. The new catfish dip bait is offered in two select blends: Batch No. 17 – Sweet & Sticky and Batch No. 131 – Bold & Bloody.

Scent Trail Feeding Stimulant, Tournament Grade Circle Hooks, Leakin Livers Bait, Supercat Rods & Combos, and much more!

As you’re strolling the aisles at ICAST, look for the bright red booth (#414), decorated with lots of big ol’ catfish. Stop and talk fishing with legendary catman John Jamison, plus pick up your copy of Whisker Nation—full of great catfish products and valuable fish-catching advice.

Image courtesy Traditions Media/Rippin Lips

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