Happy Independence Day! Gun control is head lining The Revolution this week, and Jim and Trav will be joined by Bunny to discuss issues across the country. They’ll talk firearm transportation legislation, firearm and ammunition makers moving to more gun friendly states, Chicago’s “Safe Passage Zones,” a 5K gun run and much more this week! Tune in.

Safe Passage Zones – Chicago enacting more gun laws

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has created “Safe Passage Zones” in the hopes of keeping illegal gun holders away from public schools, buses and “safe passage” routes by creating a city ordinance with fines and jail time for weapon offenses. The Revolution talks about the new “Safe Passage Zones,” if they will work, and how gun control is working in Chicago overall.

Firearm Transportation – Protecting Lawful Transportation of Firearms Act

A bipartisan coalition of 45 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives has introduced the “Protecting Lawful Transportation of Firearms Act,” which seeks to standardize laws regarding the transportation of firearms from one state to another. The panel takes a look at the trouble law abiding gun owners have had while traveling with their firearms, especially in New York and New Jersey and how this bill is intended to protect hunters, sportsmen and others traveling legally with their firearms.

Finding a New Place to Set Up Shop – Firearm and Ammunition Makers Moving to Gun Friendly States –

In response to new and tightened gun regulations many firearm and ammunition manufacturers are picking up and moving to more gun friendly states. The Revolution takes a look at the laws spurring the relocation, the impact they have with jobs and revenue on the states that they’ll be leaving, they’ll also look at what other states are doing to entice these companies to set up shop in their state.

Run 4 Guns – Nation’s First Open Carry Run

In an event that is the first of its kind, gun owners are being invited to Spanish Fork, Utah for the “Run 4 Guns” 5K race aimed at celebrating Second Amendment rights and responsible gun ownership. The 3.1 mile race will be donating proceeds from the event toward victims of gun violence. They’ll also discuss the “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” bus tour across the

Image courtesy The Revolution with Jim and Trav

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