This week on Gun Girl Radio, Randi Rogers interviews Annette Aysen, a team member of Smith and Wesson. Annette has been a USPSA Revolver National Champion 6 times. She has won many other competitions as well. The interview takes us through a few different types of competitions that Annette has been involved in.

Annette gives us insight into how she got into the shooting world. Her husband helped get her interested and then before she knew it she was winning competitions. She explains how she had to take a hiatus from competing due to economic issues in 1984, but came back in the year 2000. Things had changed since she’d last shot, so she had to decide what type of gun to shoot. We learn how a friend of hers helped her decide to stick with the revolver.

Annette discusses how exactly she got into the Icore competition format. She even hosts her own matches and lets us know where to go to compete at her own Icore matches. She then explains the differences between Icore and USPSA. We hear how Julie and Annette met at a Babes with Bullets camp and how that turned into Annette becoming a fellow representative for Smith and Wesson. It wasn’t long before Annette became an instructor for Babes with Bullets herself.  She tells us a little about what those camps are like.

The interview rounds out with a little more discussion on USPSA, Icore, and Sportsman’s Team Challenges and what shooting with her husband Elliot has been like. At the very end of the show Annette answers questions from some fans. Email your own questions to Listen to the entire episode at or subscribe to the show on iTunes.

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