Purina AntlerMax is continuing its partnership with Realtree by sporting the new Realtree Xtra pattern on its packaging and sponsoring three of Realtree’s most popular TV shows.

Purina AntlerMaxis now a sponsor of Realtree Outdoors in Q1/Q2 on the Outdoor Channel, Realtree Road Trips in Q3/Q4 on the Outdoor Channel and Realtree Monster Bucks in Q3/Q4 on Sportsman Channel.

“New and improved AntlerMax diets and packaging updates and sponsorships of the Realtree TV shows are the natural next steps to a program that began several years ago,” Scott Hohensee, Purina wildlife specialist, says. “Bill Jordan started using AntlerMax feed four years ago on Realtree Farms, and the results have been tremendous.”

Purina AntlerMax diets are regionally formulated based on our extensive deer liver research that highlights regional mineral deficiencies. Purina AntlerMax diets help your deer meet these regionally focused deficiencies.

The unique combination of AntlerMax By-Pass Protein Technology, Mineral Technology, Nutritional Enhancements and Regional Formulations culminates in a premium feed, designed specifically for deer!

The AntlerMax line of products include:

  • AntlerMax Deer 20
  • AntlerMax Water Shield Deer 20
  • AntlerMax Professional Hi-Energy Breeder 16
  • AntlerMax Mule Deer 22
  • AntlerMax Deer Block
  • AntlerMax Deer Mineral

For more information on Purina’s wildlife products, check out http://wildlife.purinamills.com.

Image courtesy AntlerMax

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