Ultimate battery protection and the fastest charge is now being offered in 6- and 10-amp output models in addition to Minn Kota®’s innovative 15-amp output Precision on-board marine battery chargers.

“Our Precision chargers are highly valued by anglers because they optimize battery charging, resulting in longer run times and extended battery life,” Minn Kota Product Manager Brad Henry said. “That means fishing longer, replacing batteries less often and saving money.”

The 6- and 10-amp Precision chargers have the unique ability to select and charge different battery types by bank. This feature protects the batteries from damage due to over- or under-charging. Battery types include flooded lead-acid, gel, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and HP (High Performance) AGM.

The Precision chargers are half the weight of traditional on-board chargers. They also have an intuitive LED display for each bank that provides an independent readout of connection status, power status, percent charged and selected battery type. Even when a battery drops below one volt of charge, the new Precision chargers will re-charge the battery automatically and safely.

Minn Kota Precision chargers provide a fast, full charge even in situations where voltage into the charger has dropped. Low-Line Voltage Compensation adjusts for a drop in voltage input which can occur when an outlet is overloaded or a long extension cord is used. This will ensure the battery is charged correctly and quickly to get anglers back out on the water.

During each charge, the Battery Equalization feature automatically cleans and conditions (flooded lead-acid only) batteries to extend run time and battery life. A full, thorough equalization can be activated to further increase overall battery protection benefits.

Changes in ambient temperatures during charging can damage batteries over time. To protect batteries, Precision chargers utilize an Automatic Temperature Compensation feature that adjusts for temperature fluctuations preventing over- or under-charging and ensures a fast, accurate and safe charge.

Backed up by a three-year replacement warranty, the 6- and 10-amp Precision chargers have a rugged, durable design consumers have come to expect from Minn Kota. With a heavy-duty housing, the chargers are also fully tested to prevent corrosion in either freshwater or saltwater. The chargers are also short circuit, reverse polarity, arc and ignition protected.

For more information visit minnkotamotors.com, contact Minn Kota, P.O. Box 8129, Mankato, MN 56002, or call 800-227-6433.

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