Fresh New Logo and Revamped Website Design are Equally as Cutting-Edge as the Company’s Stylish European Skull Mounting Brackets

Staying on the industry forefront of product design and development, technology and customer satisfaction is a priority for the folks at SkullHooker. This focus on excellence is apparent through the company’s widely successful line of stylish and modern SkullHooker European skull mounting brackets, a simple and elegant solution for proudly showcasing a hunter’s hard fought pursuits. It’s no surprise then that the company’s next pursuit for keeping its competitive edge is the launch of its fresh new logo, new website and look to compliment its innovative new product lineup – just in time for hunting season.

“We’re excited about the new look and feel of the company, as well as the vision and direction we’re headed. SkullHooker has seen tremendous growth since its 2009 inception, and we’re proud to continue to offer the most modern and stylish mounting solutions for all of your European taxidermy needs,” said SkullHooker Owner/CEO Robert Shaw. “Our product is unique thanks to its cutting-edge patented prong system which fits naturally into the back of the skull without drilling holes or using an adhesive. We wanted our new logo and website to be equally as modern and unique, and truly represent SkullHooker products and the brand accordingly,” he added.

Not only will you find an enhanced design and user-friendly navigation on the newly revamped SkullHooker website ( – informational and instructional videos, set up tutorials and a photo gallery of SkullHooker mounts in use are just a click away. And, because SkullHooker is keen on keeping the communication with its customers going, the company is actively sharing company news, updates and information via its timely blog updates, Facebook posts and tweets – all of which can be easily accessed on the home page. In addition, the new SkullHooker website is so user-friendly, even if you’re not the savviest of web surfers, purchasing a SkullHooker is as simple as clicking the stoplight-red ‘Order Now’ button located front and center on the home page.

The highly acclaimed SkullHooker European skull mounting systems are designed with multiple mounting options and come in two fully-adjustable sizes to accommodate any sized trophy from small to exotic game – the Little Hooker and the Big Hooker. Both models are fully adjustable and feature a stylish design that compliments any home or office décor. With either of these models, you can change to a right-, center-, or left-facing perspective by simply reaching up and moving it. You can also change the pitch to match the height ensuring your trophy will always have a natural pose facing the exact point you choose. Both model brackets are powder coated in your choice of one of two colors (Robust Brown or Graphite Black).

For more information on SkullHooker’s new logo or website design, or the company’s refined approach to displaying your trophy European mounts, contact: SkullHooker at P.O. Box 257, Klamath Falls, OR 97601 • Phone: 541.887.8622 • or visit us online at

Logo courtesy SkullHooker

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