Members of the Scholastic Pistol Program and Scholastic Steel Challenge can now purchase full competition target packages at a discounted price

Action Target has announced the creation of discounted steel target packages that match the competition specifications of both the Scholastic Pistol Program and the Scholastic Steel Challenge. Ranges, shooting teams and individuals can now purchase complete sets of competition targets for training or affiliated competition use.

As a manufacturer of shooting range training systems and targets, Action Target is an avid supporter of competitions that utilize targets made of armor steel. The use of steel targets in a competition setting provides the benefits of instant feedback and easier scoring as well as a dramatic increase in the effectiveness of shooters’ training.

Chad Burdette, Action Target’s portable target sales coordinator, compared training on steel targets to learning how to swing a baseball bat.

“If you had to swing the bat and then use binoculars to see if you hit the ball,” he said, “it would be so much harder to learn the mechanics of a good swing. That immediate feedback from hitting the ball is what tells the brain you’re doing it right. Steel targets provide that same kind of instant feedback for accurate shots because you can see it, and you can hear it.”

According to Burdette, training on steel targets is essential for new shooters who want to perform well at speed shooting competitions like those sponsored by the SPP and SSC. The new target packages offered are designed to give shooters the training tools they need and ranges the ability to host their own official competitions.

Two steel target competition packages are now available from Action Target—the “Every Stage” package and the “One at a Time” package. The Every Stage package comes with enough targets to set up all four scholastic shooting stages at the same time, while the One at a Time package is designed to accommodate smaller ranges by providing just enough targets to set up the stages one at a time.

Action Target steel targets are ideal for competition and training purposes because of their durability and safety conscious design. Each target in the packages is made of through hardened AR500 armor steel which provides a completely smooth shooting surface that will not wear out even with consistent use. The targets also have no exposed bolts, clamps or brackets that could cause unpredictable splatter and ricochet hazards for shooters.

The packages are available to Scholastic Pistol Program and Scholastic Steel Challenge affiliates at discounted rates. In order to take advantage of the discount, teams, coaches, individuals or ranges must be signed up with one or both of the programs.

If you would like to purchase a scholastic steel package or have any questions, please contact Action Target’s portable target sales coordinator, Chad Burdette, at

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