The American Gunsmithing Institute, producers of the most authoritative instructional gunsmithing DVD courses, provide students with the right education and skills to start making money at the hobby they love. AGI’s professional gunsmithing course helps students become certified gunsmiths.

With AGI’s Master Gunsmithing Program, students receive the same professional training that is used by Law Enforcement, Professional Gunsmiths and other elite firearms specialists without leaving the comfort of their homes. The program teaches students the complete design, function and repair of firearms with step-by-step instructions on DVD. AGI’s instruction is seamless and the camera gives detailed close ups, allowing for detail not visible in any classroom setting.

The Gunsmithing Program is taught by Master Gunsmith, Bob Dunlap. The course DVD instruction provides a systematic, completely indexed format, allowing students to repeat any section as necessary to maximize retention.

The Gunsmithing Program is broken into three options: Professional Gunsmith – Level 1, Professional Gunsmith – Level 2 and the Professional Gunsmith – Master Level.
Master Gunsmith Program

The Professional Gunsmith – Level 1 is comprised of more than 40 DVDs and provides students with everything they need to know to get started. Consisting of 108 hours of core DVD instruction in design, function and repair, this fundamental knowledge is a must have to work on and repair firearms. Students start with a complete introduction to gunsmithing and a course overview, followed by a methodical progression through four core sections covering pistols and revolvers, shotguns, rifles and rimfires.

In addition to the 108 hours of tested education, level 1 also includes 32 hours of bonus instruction exploring such things as glass bedding, custom firearms building and high end accessorizing.

Complete Machine Shop Course The Professional Gunsmith – Level 2 takes the student’s gunsmithing knowledge and skill to the next level, which includes general machine shop knowledge and how to operate a mill and lathe. This course provides them with the skill to manufacture the parts they may not be able to find commercially to properly make repairs or fine tune a firearm. This 30 hour course is VERY comprehensive in scope and application.

Level 2 includes everything from Level 1, plus bonus courses which explore such things as advanced trigger jobs and systems, professional metal finishing, hot caustic bluing, how to treat carbon steels, case hardening and others.

Welding The Professional Gunsmith – Master Level includes everything from Level 1 and 2, but also teaches students how to become an expert welder. In this 22 hour course, AGI takes the guess work out of welding, teaching students how to properly use a cutting torch, do MIG and stick welding and how to TIG weld for gunsmithing. The Master level also fully prepares the student the leap into the business world. The Business Success Package is broken into two modules, the Business Success System Information Package and the Business Success Tool Kit Series.

Business Success System Information Package:

Interviews with AGI instructors and “How-to” information on shop set-up, flow, problem solving, traps to avoid, and more.
Exclusive Gunsmithing First Ever Flat-rate Job Book (so you will immediately be the expert and know with confidence how much you should charge for your work)
“Tax Secrets That ‘THEY’ Don’t Want You To Know About” Audio CD This video reveals: what type of business structure you should consider having to protect yourself, what kinds of things can you write off, how many of your current expenses (rent, vehicle, gas, ammo, phone, computer, travel, more!) could be deductible on your taxes!
Marketing Manual – Information on how to: do direct mail to generate business, news releases, yellow page ads and more to bring you customers.

Business Success Tool Kit Series

This part of the course contains 12 audio CDs which give the student the key secrets to operating ANY successful and profitable business.

This course reveals:
Step 1: Goal Setting that Works
Step 2: Getting the Results you want (Action Planning & Implementation)
Step 3: How to Survive an Economic Slump (or any business cycle change)
Step 4: How to Attract Business Like a Magnet
Step 5: How-to Advertising and Promotion
Step 6: Turning your highest potential sale per customer
Step 7: Making your Business Plan come alive

Written lesson outlines that correspond to each of the audio CD lessons AND a Bonus Business Success Check List are also provided.

The Professional Gunsmith – Master Level also includes the following DVDs: Building the G-3 from a Parts Kit, Building the AR-15 from a Parts Kit, How to do a Trigger Job on an AR-15, Building the M1 Garand from a Parts Kit, How to do a Trigger Job on an M1 Garand and How to Rebarrel, “Blueprint” and Tune Military Mauser Rifle Actions.

Speak to a Student Advisor today to find out more information about the Certified Master Gunsmithing Course at 1-800-997-9404.

Image courtesy American Gunsmithing Institute

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