Americans are at odds while the 2nd Amendment faces serious scrutiny! So this week “Stand Your Ground,” gun safety in schools, swapping guns for Dell’s, the Gun Geo Marker App and much more is headlining the broadcast. National Gun Rights examiner, David Codrea will join the guys for his 2nd Amendment assessment. Tune In.

Stand Your Ground – David Codrea –
As the national conversation about the very controversial “Stand Your Ground” law continues, National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea joins Jim and Trav to explain what exactly the law says. He’ll also offer his assessment of the attempt to repeal the law in states across the country, where gun control is going and much more!

Gun Safety for First Graders – The Four Steps to Gun Safety for Kids –
Missouri public schools could soon be adding gun safety to their curriculum with a new measure signed by Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon as part of a larger public safety bill HCS/SB 75. The panel discusses the purpose of programs like the NRA’s “Eddie Eagle” and the importance of teaching gun safety to children.

Guns for Laptops -Twist on the Gun Exchange-
In an event that was the first of its kind, residents of Baltimore were offered free Dell laptops in exchange for firearms in a twist on the more common cash for guns exchanges. The panel discusses this event and more this week on The Revolution.

Gun Geo Marker App – Locating Gun Owners –
A new Android app lets users expose the home addresses of gun owners they deem “potentially unsafe” and then share that information with the world. The panel talks about this new app and the potential consequences from it.

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