A reflection on their past and a new twist on their commitment to the future. 

AMERISTEP, an industry leader in innovative hunting gear and accessories, proudly introduces a new company mark for 2013, a reflection on their branding of the past and a new twist on their commitment to the future.

As a front-runner in several ever-changing and competitive product spaces, Ameristep has lead the charge toward the development of many of the hunting industry’s most functional and well-known products. With a strong commitment to the future and deep roots in the past, the brand recently enhanced its mark to further embellish their pedigree as a time-honored trendsetter.

Designed on the foundation of the original blue Ameristep logotype, the new mark appropriates a unique combination of a contemporary polished effect with rugged, distressed details. Complimented by an ever-appropriate silver antler the two elements meld new and old in an increasingly appropriate juxtaposition to the brand’s premium, state-of-the-art products. With its unique flare and prominent appearance, the new Ameristep logo strikes out and clutches attention amongst the competition.

Logo courtesy Ameristep

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