In Episode #72 of BHK Outdoor Radio Mike Henninger teaches the guys about EDC Clothing.

Mike Henninger is the Editor in Chief of Self Reliance Illustrated. He has recently written an article to appear in a future issue of the magazine on EDC clothing. He explains how to make sure that you are wearing the proper clothing for summer time. Mike states that you need to adapt what you wear to the weather and think about all aspects of the clothing.

The guys discuss what they wear and what changes they should make in their every day clothing. Cotton vs. poly is a topic of discussion. Mike also shares how you can make a favorite piece of clothing water proof or water resistant.

Another aspect of EDC clothing is the kit you carry with you and what you carry in your pocket. In the summer we tend to minimize what we carry because we have fewer pockets. Mike shares what he carries with him every day and L.T. talks about a new favorite piece of kit he picked up recently.

Mike tells L.T. and Dan about hyperthermia and the warning signs. There are many considerations to take into account during summer. Staying cool and staying dry are concerns of the clothing you wear every day. Examine your clothing, how you carry your things. Take a day pack and carry water.

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