The perfect storm is rolling in. As wildlife habitat is disappearing or not being properly managed it is also having a direct effect on the health and population of wildlife species nationwide. Mule deer populations are declining as are black ducks and sage grouse and many others. This week hear from experts about what is causing these losses and how to fix it before it’s too late!

Decline of Mule Deer – Miles Moretti

Mule deer are currently the only big game animal in decline in North America. There are a number of factors contributing to their decline, most notably habitat loss as well disease, competition from other species, increasing predator populations, vehicle collisions and more. Miles Moretti with the Mule Deer Foundation drops in this week to discuss the issues affecting mule deer and what can be done to bring the population back to healthy sustainable levels.

Habitat Wildlife Loss – Hal Herring

What started out as a way to make our nation more energy independent and “green” could be the very downfall of wildlife habitat. The biofuels mandate has spurred a huge conversion of grasslands and wildlife habitat to row crops and with their high uses of water and the fertilizers that run off and pollute watersheds there are a number of concerning factors for wildlife and conservation advocates. Hal Herring joins the boys this week to talk it!

Sage Grouse Initiative – Tim Griffiths

The sage grouse is the second largest grouse in the world and it’s in trouble. Roughly 50 percent of historic sage grouse range has been lost, and what remains is severely degraded. Tim Griffiths with the Sage Grouse Initiative sounds off this week on the struggles face the sage grouse and what must be done to save the species before it is lost.

Dwindling Black Ducks – John Devney

The Atlantic Flyway’s most iconic bird has dwindled to less than half its historic population. What is causing the reduced population of black ducks? John Devney with Delta Waterfowl is on The Revolution this week to break down the factors contributing to the loss of black ducks and how they can be saved.

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