At an early age Justin Janes, the mastermind behind Calibur Prints, developed a strong interest and appreciation for the history of the U.S. military and their firearms. His father, a highly decorated military veteran, told Janes of his wartime experiences and frequently took him to the gun range. Armed with vast gun knowledge, Janes decided to combine his passion with his profession, graphic design, to create Calibur Prints. In June 2013, he took his idea to Kickstarter.

Janes first studies every piece of a particular firearm, learning the name, location and function of each one. He then turns them into a graphic illustration that shows a deep appreciation for their look and purpose. To bring it all together, the Calibur Print is an exploded diagram of the whole firearm with labels to aid people in their understanding of the high level of thought and detail. The fascinating look and noticeable quality makes Calibur Prints a welcomed addition to any living room, man cave or hunting lodge.

Currently, Calibur Prints depicts four historical firearms, including the AK-47, AR-15, M1911 and M1 Garand. The .357 Magnum Revolver, Mossberg 500 and Uzi will be added to the collection if crowdfunding goals are met. Calibur Prints are available in 19” x 27” prints and may be purchased starting at $19.

Image courtesy Calibur Prints

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