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Upwind releases new line of scent & odor elimination products for hunters using a patented technology that is Ultra Safe, Ultra Fast, Eliminates Human Odors in Seconds, Rapidly Devours & Prevents for Hours!

2013 Product Line includes: Odor Eliminator Field Spray, Super Concentrated Refill, Foam Mouth Rinse, Laundry Detergent, Hair & Body Wash, All Purpose Cleaner, and Dog Shampoo


The core component of Upwind is our patented MCC copper ion technology. MCC is short for Mono Copper (II) Citrate, which is a molecule constructed of copper (II) ions with an organic citrate component. Upwind’s mechanism of eliminating odor compounds is initiated by the unique ability to dissociate providing more free active copper ions. This accelerates rapid catalytic oxidation reactions with odor compounds and is what earned our MCC technology several patents worldwide.

Unlike other metal complexes, MCC is non-irritating to skin and provides copious amounts of free reactive copper ions.

Other metal complexes, metal additives, and metal enhanced fabrics, often provide little if any free metal ions due to their inability to dissociate and provide a free, reactive form of metal ion. Upwind application targets all sources of odor fast through the rapid continuous oxidation reaction and lasts for hours remaining active long after initial application. The Upwind formula is odorless, unscented, will not degrade in extreme temperatures, has an unlimited shelf life, and is backed with a money back guarantee.

“This is my 13th Season selling and using Upwind for myself and my customers and it works!!! It’s been my top seller since I started selling it in 2000. It totally destroys scent and if you use it just once, you will come back and ask for more…It knocks down your scent and helps you be more successful in your hunt…” (Dan’s Sport Shop, 937-452-7236, Camden, Ohio)

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