That’s what Self Reliance Illustrated has in store for you with their special deal for the month of August. Self Reliance Illustrated has teamed up with The Pathfinder School to offer outdoor lovers an irresistible combination. The monthly special includes a Mini Inferno and Deluxe Pocket Hunter from the Pathfinder School and an Electronic Back-Issue-Bundle from SRI. A sure way to start a fire, a pocket hunter to practice your accuracy, and several issues of SRI for your reading pleasure.

The Mini Inferno provides outdoorsman with a sure fire in any weather condition. It is 100% waterproof and never expires. The Mini Inferno is a great item to place in your pack for hiking, camping, hunting, or bushcrafting. If conditions turn cold and wet you will have the peace of mind that you can have a fire. The individual disks burn for 5-7 minutes each. The entire contents will burn for 47 minutes. Use the tin to hold char cloth or for signaling.

The Deluxe Pocket Hunter provides a compact, lightweight, and efficient hunting unit that can be folded and easily carried in your pack. It is capable of shooting standard sized arrows for fishing and hunting game. Use it as a slingshot or add the adapter and fishing spool to use it to catch lunch.

For more information on the Mini Inferno and the Deluxe Pocket Hunter visit

Self Reliance Illustrated’s Electronic Back Issue Bundle will allow you to read several issues of the magazine. Self Reliance Illustrated is focused on bushcrafting, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits. Read it for ideas on how to use your new mini inferno and deluxe pocket hunter.

This great group of items is only $40.00 (plus shipping) for the month of August.

To check out the monthly special from SRI visit

Image courtesy Self Reliance Illustrated

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