Whether it’s doomsday preppers planning for a government meltdown or outdoorsmen training for the Zombie Apocalypse, individuals and communities are taking action to prepare for bug-out scenarios and other survival situations. The 2013 Fall/Winter American Handgunner Survive Special Edition will equip readers by covering a cross-section of engaging topics.

“This Survive Special Edition is full of great information for those who have decided to take charge of the security and well-being of their family,” says Sammy Reese, editor of the Special Editions for FMG Publications. “We can’t cover everything, but it’ll get you going in the right direction with a look at bug-out essentials, survival vehicles and why the SIG 556 Russian is the ultimate survival rifle. This issue even features how to make bread and Do-It-Yourself blowguns.”

Bug-out vehicles remain a popular topic among preppers, and in “Survival Vehicles,” contributing editor Jacob Herman reviews and tests the Polaris XP 900 Ranger and the armored British Ferret scout car — evaluating their tactical applications and security purposes.

“The XP 900 is a top-of the-line side-by-side with dealer support all over the country. The Ferret scout car is the most popular piece of armor in the US, and any mechanic should be able to fix it,” writes Herman. “Like every other topic we cover, if you are going to use a vehicle for security then you need training.”

In an engaging feature, contributing editor Todd Burgreen claims to have found a rifle that is unmatched in all-around performance, making it the consummate survival rifle: the SIG 556 Russian.

“The SIG 556 Russian is not just another article evaluation for me; it turned into my ‘go-to’ rifle based on its continued high performance over an extended amount of time,” says Burgreen. “The SIG 556 Russian is worthy of serious consideration for anyone needing to focus effort on one rifle to fulfill a general-purpose role. It’s an alternate path from either AK or AR. [It] takes the best from both designs and consolidates improvements into one platform.”

This Personal Defense Special Edition features a unique Survive gun giveaway package, highlighted by a Mitchell’s Mausers Black Lightning in .22 WMR. Valued at over $1,200, this prize bundle also includes a pair of adult- and child-sized bulletproof backpacks from Lifeshield Technologies, the Solar Joos Orange portable charger and an arrowhead survival bracelet from Escala industries.

The giant 2014 Buyer’s Guide is also included in this Special Edition. Featuring 96 pages of handguns, rifles, shotguns, knives, lights, lasers and more, this Buyer’s Guide is a one-stop resource for real life preparedness.

To order the Fall/Winter 2013 American Handgunner Survive Special Edition, check the newsstands or order online at www.americanhandgunner.com/survive.

Image courtesy FMG Publications

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