Forget everything you thought you knew about bow quivers. Archer Xtreme’s Carbon Vapor is so revolutionary it cannot be categorized with bow quivers of the past. Archer Xtreme’s Carbon Vapor is an industry first – a uni-body construction with no moving pieces, bolts or parts! This is only possible due to AXT’s advanced 100% 3K Carbon Fiber Weave and molding process.

Carbon is the ultimate construction material for archery equipment. It is extremely lightweight, 120 times stronger than steel and has a natural vibration dampening property. It is also the component that creates the X-Factors, which put the Carbon Vapor in a class above
the competition.

The AXT Carbon Vapor’s one-of-a-kind design is hands down the lightest bow quiver ever produced. In fact, it tips the scales at less than six ounces. The lightweight and strength come not only from the material, but the construction. Archer Xtreme handcrafts the quiver with 100% 3K carbon fiber in its factory – ensuring quality of the industry’s highest standards – which is then heated and folded over into a single piece. Once hardened, it becomes the virtually indestructible Archer Xtreme Carbon Vapor.

To understand the innovative design, one must first understand the traditional construction process. Historically, carbon construction uses an ABS molded rubber that is bolted to a support beam. The AXT Carbon Vapor breaks the mold by folding the hood over during construction. This creates the uni-direction design while reducing weight, and more importantly, destroying sound and vibration. And as if that was not enough, Archer Xtreme then goes the extra mile and coats the AXT Carbon Vapor with its Vibration Absorbing Coat; a rubberized clear coat that further diminishes vibration.

The AXT Carbon Vapor’s light weight and vibration-reducing properties would mean little without superior ergonomics and functionality. It features an over-molded, five-arrow arch gripper that holds the smallest diameter target shafts as easily and securely as it does over-sized hunting arrows for dangerous game. Likewise, length is not issue. AXT’s Carbon Vapor features a one-hand adjustment system that is quiet and completely secure.

The superior design characteristics and materials of the Archer Xtreme Carbon Vapor simply makes other quiver systems obsolete by comparison.  The hood is stuffed with a closed-cell foam insert that securely accommodates mechanical and fixed-blade broadheads alike. Of penultimate importance to the archer is the ergonomics. The AXT Carbon Vapor positions the first arrow inline with the shooter to reduce the necessary movement and aid concealment in a hunting situation.

For more information on the Archer Xtreme Carbon Vapor or Archer Xtreme’s full selection of high-performance sights, quivers, stabilizers and archery accessories, please contact: Archer Xtreme at P.O. Box 328 Belgrade, MT 59714.. Telephone: (406) 924-6113,  or visit

Image courtesy Archer Xtreme

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