The North Dakota’s Sportsmen Against Hunger program is again accepting donations of goose meat taken during the early Canada goose season.

Much like the popular SAH deer donation program, hunters can bring in their goose meat to participating processors. However, hunters must remove the breast meat from the birds before processors can accept them.

Hunters can clean their geese at home prior to delivery to a processor, but breast meat brought from home without a wing or head attached to the meat, must be accompanied by written information that includes the hunter’s name, address, signature, hunting license number, date taken and species and number taken.

Hunters may also deliver geese directly from the field to a processor, but identification must remain attached to the bird until in possession of the processor.

Since no goose carcasses or feathers are allowed inside processing plants, hunters must be able to ensure proper disposal and clean-up of carcasses.

“We have a number of locations across the state that will handle goose donations,” said Ann Pollert, Executive Director of North Dakota’s Community Action Partnership, which sponsors SAH as part of its effort to serve low-income families across the state. “We found out last year that goose meat is very popular with our clients, so we’re hoping hunters will again be willing to share some of their birds.”

The list of participating processors is available on the North Dakota Game and Fish Department website at

Hunters interested in donating are encouraged to call processors before dropping off geese, to have a clear understanding of how goose breasts will be accepted and the processor’s hours of operation, Pollert said.

For more information, visit the CAPND website at, or contact Pollert at (701) 232-2452.

Logo courtesy North Dakota Game and Fish Department

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