Viking Solutions, the industry’s newest provider of premium hunting accessories is pleased to introduce the Deer Splitter (patent pending) – a new tool that makes the tough job of splitting the chest cavity and pelvic bone a breeze.

The new stainless steel Deer Splitter is a uniquely designed cutting tool that delivers 19x the force allowing you to easily split the chest cavity and pelvis, while keeping your hands and knife outside the deer. Its compact, bone crushing leverage design, and heavy duty construction allows the hunter to keep their knives sharper because you won’t be using your hunting knife to try to cut the chest open ore split the pelvic bone.

In addition, you will keep your hands outside the cavity, eliminating the risk of puncturing anything. Finally the unique design eliminates the risk of cutting yourself or someone else with your knife as you cut through these difficult areas. Small enough to keep in a backpack or fanny pack, the Deer Splitter is perfect for every big game hunter and is easily cleaned by running it under water, so there can be years of use.

Image courtesy Viking Solutions

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