Clam gave the legend of ice fishing, Dave Genz, a dedicated engineer and the keys to the materials and accessories closet at Clam Outdoors™. With all that freedom the new Legend Thermal shelter from Clam was born. The originator of the Fish Trap™, Dave has always worked his Clam™ shelters hard, and for this one he kicked it up a notch. The Legend is decked out with a full thermal skin, built-in lighting accessories, expandable tubes and the best seating system in the market. There is more room for setting the hook and for comfort yet the single-size is spot on for mobility, a signature to how the Legend fishes.

“It takes less heat to stay warm in this thermal shelter,” shared Dave Genz. “The gray interior and better lighting means you can retie hooks in the house easily. The overhead lighting hooks up to an extra battery or can hook up to your electronics battery. Very convenient and bright.”

With two layers of 300 denier thermal skin, that’s 600 total denier, the shelter starts off at the top with quality to retain heat and reduce condensation for a comfortable shelter in all kinds of elements, even extreme cold temperatures. The deluxe swivel seat has a padded back and seat cushion and slides front to back and left to right for ease in-and-out and the perfect fit for any sized angler. The mesh hammock located under the seat is the perfect spot for storing gear. The inside thermal fabric is also gray to accommodate ambient light for less eye strain. Clam’s new Light Sticks with eight, bright LED bulbs, kick out 560 lumen and are standard in the Legend Thermal for comfort and visibility day and night. The Rapid Pole Slide Extreme (RPSX) extends the covering for wider, more fishable space at the click of a pole. Center height is a robust 67” and set up size is 92” by 43” creating 16 square feet of fishable space. With the Manufacturers’ Advertised Price at $399.99 the hardcore anglers across the ice belt will line up to get one just like Dave’s.

Also new in the shelter line up for this year is the X1 Thermal, a heavy-duty extreme little brother to the X2 Thermal that was so popular last year. This one-person (some might say one-and-a-half at 17 sf of fishable space) tub-style shelter has a larger, deeper tub with important dimensions. The width of the X1 Thermal has been carefully crafted to 32” so that two will fit in the back of a pick up truck sitting side-by-side.

All the top-drawer features from Clam are included: deluxe seat with padded back and seat that moves left to right and front to bck, storage hammock under seat for gear, light gray plastic interior of tub, Rapid Pole Slide Extreme (RPSX) for increased fishable space and super-tough full thermal skin with 900 total denier fabric that will retain heat even in extreme winter conditions and reduces condensation for a more comfortable shelter. Utilizing 1 ¼” pole systems, the center height is 59” and the set up size is 79” x 56”.

Clam is extremely confident in how durable these shelters are that both the Legend Thermal and X1 Thermal come with a three year warranty.

“The X1 Thermal can handle big water and extreme conditions,” shared Nick Chiodo, Director of Marketing for Clam. “For hard water anglers that like to drive with the shelters in the back of the truck, this is their extreme shelter. Two fit side-by-side in the truck bed, even with a tonneau cover.”

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