Just about everybody likes to watch a good fight between arch rivals…even whitetails.  So it only makes sense to try and replicate the sounds created by 2 bucks fighting for territory, dominance or girls, during that special time of hunting season called The Rut.

Knight and Hale have created yet another rattling system called Da’ Bonehead.  This stylish, two-piece call is very compact, making it easy to carry afield. This call is as easy to use as it is to carry.  Simply pull the two halves apart and reveal the handles that double as sound chambers.  Place the buck’s head against the 6 sided antler base and twist back and forth.  To create the deeper sounds of mature bucks fighting, grip the handles tighter as you rotate the call.

Da’ Bonehead is available now for an affordable MSRP of $24.99!

For more information contact: Knight & Hale Game Calls, (256)353-0634; www.knightandhale.com.

Image courtesy Knight and Hale

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