As their line of outdoor products continues to grow, Green Supply has introduced ConQuest Scent Sticks, the most efficient way for hunters to attract animals. With numerous products and scents, ConQuest Scent Sticks offers something for every major type of big game.

The ConQuest Scent Sticks present a unique and innovative way to attract game for hunting. By using scents that are familiar to the game, the animal is automatically drawn in, allowing the hunter closer contact.

Just like the game being attracted, the scents vary from animal to animal. For bears, there is The Bear Whisperer, specially formulated to attract these larger animals. The Estrus Sow in a Stick uses scents to draw in pigs and hogs. And for deer, there is Ever Calm Deer Herd Stick, which contains all of the smells and scents that whitetail deer create in their bedding areas.

ConQuest Scent Sticks also offers an array of Venison Meat Sticks, the perfect snack while hunting or hiking. With flavors from BBQ to cheddar cheese, there is something for every outdoorsman to enjoy.

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Image courtesy Green Supply, Inc.

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