Starting with the inaugural 1944 edition, Gun Digest brand quickly set the standard for the story of the gun in all its forms and variations. Gun Digest 2014, the 68th Edition of “The World’s Greatest Gun Book”, continues that tradition of excellence as some of the best writers in the field share their knowledge and opinions on the firearms of past and present.

Regarded as the shooter’s number one resource worldwide, Gun Digest 2014 continues to serve its audience with in-depth articles about the world’s most fascinating guns, reports on the latest models, insights about collectibles and more. This latest edition, compiled by veteran firearms editor Jerry Lee, chronicles rifles, handguns, shotguns, tactical firearms, engraved and custom guns, ammunition and handloading, providing something for every fan to enjoy.

“The book always has a mix of stories about all types of firearms—hunting, military, competition, self defense—all types and categories,” Lee said. “What I really enjoy are the historic pieces. I mean, if you’re into guns, who doesn’t want to read about Teddy Roosevelt’s Winchesters, especially when it’s written by Paul Schreier of the National Firearms Museum?”

Firearms pieces like Schreier’s, Terry Wieland’s story on the great Mannlicher-Schoenauer, and John Taffin’s roundup of 50 years of custom Ruger Sixguns are what set Gun Digest 2014 apart from other firearms books. In addition, Gun Digest 2014 provides comprehensive coverage of today’s firearms. In its 150-plus page buyer’s guide, readers can find prices, specifications and photos of the newest guns on the market. Other departments provide reviews of the latest rifles, handguns and shotguns, related products like optics and ammunition, plus handy sources like complete ballistics tables and a manufacturer website directory.

Pick up “The World’s Greatest Gun Book” (product U2618) at, all major trade and specialty book stores, or as an ebook through most major vendors, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple.

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