In Episode #75 of BHK Outdoor Radio L.T. and Dan talk about getting outside with Rob Simpson from

Rob Simpson is the owner of His company offers a complete selection of bushcraft and camping gear. Rob tests, designs, and approves of all of the gear sold on the web site. They talk about how he started the site with a few items on the web page and no price tags. He made a video with his good friend Dave Canterbury and the business has grown from there. Rob is picky about his gear and he wants it to last. He brings that mindset into the gear that his site sells.

L.T. and Dan love to talk about gear so the guys discuss the new grill top stove stand that Rob helped to design. They also talk about the new canteen design with the wide mouth and why they chose to design it with a wide mouth.

Just like L.T. and Dan, Rob loves the outdoors. The guys talk about how he avoids poison ivy, camp cooking, tarps, and more. Rob shares a few tips for camp cooking and tells the guys his favorite comfort food in the woods.

Rob spends a lot of times in the woods. It’s his passion. The web site has videos of some of the products in use as well and has an active YouTube. Customers can be assured that the gear is quality and Rob stands behind the items he chooses to sell.

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