Superior Function and Reliability Keeps Important Hunting Equipment Safe, Secure and Ready Where You Need it, When You Need it

Hunters who have lost countless rangefinders and other important gear in the field understand that it can be a real obstacle to overcome when trying to fill a tag. This is why sportsmen across the country count on the security and reliability of the Gear Keeper® line of retractable tethers for hunting – like the spring-loaded Gear Keeper Deluxe Instrument Tether and the Gear Keeper Integrated Retractable Holster for Rangefinders – to keep vital and expensive hunting equipment exactly where they need it, when they need it.

Durable. Convenient. Silent. The Gear Keeper Integrated Retractable Holster for Rangefinders protects your rangefinder in a padded holster keeping it safe from nicks, scrapes, damage and loss. Designed specifically for a rangefinder, your important piece of equipment won’t bump around within the case, fitting snuggly inside. The holster itself sits close to your body providing unencumbered mobility and ultimately greater stealth – no dangling equipment to get snagged or banged around – when stocking your prey.

The Gear Keeper Integrated Retractable Holster for Rangefinders features an ultra quiet retractable cable, which allows hunters to quickly grab the rangefinder, use it, then just as quickly let it glide effortlessly and quietly back into place. All this means is you can focus on accurately gauging your distance, without worrying about or fumbling with your equipment.

The Gear Keeper Integrated Retractable Holster for Rangefinders holster measures 41/2″x11/2″x41/2″, is strap mount – which means it can easily attach to your belt or pack strap – and available in Realtree Camo. The retractor itself has a 9 oz. force and extends to 32″.

Gear Keeper’s spring-loaded Deluxe Instrument Tether is also a match made in heaven for keeping rangefinders weighing up to 9oz, small cameras or even dog training transmitters within arms reach and ready for action from any position. Featuring a 30-inch extension, the Deluxe Instrument Tether offers total mounting flexibility via its combo attachment system, which includes a snap clip or threaded stud option – making it easy to securely connect to your hunting jacket or pack.

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