Need A Dual Purpose Holster – Found one!

I have been looking far and wide for a dual purpose holster for my Springfield Armory XD .40 Sub-Compact. Well I’m here to tell you I have found the wholly grail of Kydex Holsters.

Searching all the magazines, websites, so on and so forth. I finally found a holster that looked like it would work for what I needed. Plus, the company is “local”, (well same state as I live in) and get this … they are made entirely by hand, yes, believe it, they are really made by hand!

What’s the name of this company you ask??? – Multi Holsters, a company that makes Kydex Holsters for ALL HAND GUN TYPES. I purchased the 2-in-1 Multi Holster which is a holster that can be used both outside and inside the waistband.

I decided on a Kydex holster due to its’ toughness, scratch resistance, and it’s waterproof. Also, it comes in a bunch of colors. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with black, I just like some variables, Mr. Ford said once “you can have that car in any color, as long as it’s black.”

Multi Holsters started as a need to create a carrying system for the owner Tony, who being a left handed shooter and a huge fan of lasers, finding a holster was next to impossible, and the ones he did find cost a small fortune. Many of the Lasers that Tony owns are mounted in front of the trigger guard and in searching all over the web he could not find any to accommodate his weapons.

So in doing a little research, Tony learned that he could construct custom hand made holsters in his personal work shop with common tools. Needless to say the word spread and Tony’s hobby is now a small business. Since each holster is constructed one-by-one by hand, it is very simple to add features to them to make them a perfect fit for you. Multi Holster’s slogan is “carrying a gun should not only be comforting, but comfortable”.

This 2-in-1 holster is GREAT..I use it on the outside when I’m target shooting, or just running around. Then if I want total concealment, I change the clips from the back to the front, and turn it into a I.W.B. (inside waistband) holster. Also, depending on where you put the clips, you can easily change the ‘cant’ or the angle of the holster to your preference for how to hold your weapon.

The retention is AWESOME..I don’t know how Multi holsters does it, but the holster fits like a glove and it has that authentic Kydex click, each time you re-holster so you know that your weapon is in it’s resting place and won’t be coming out until you want it to.

If you want to have one of the best holsters on the market, that isn’t mass produced, made in a foreign country, but is for a fact hand made right here in the good ole’ USA, by a group of guys who believe in this product, then check out www.Multi

Image courtesy MultiHolsters

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