With such celebrations as National Hot Dog Day, National Fried Chicken Day, and National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, there appears to be no shortage of days officially recognizing food in the United States. However, there is no national day to commemorate the one protein-packed, heart-healthy renewable resource that is deeply rooted within our American outdoor tradition — Venison. To change that, the Hunter Heritage Foundation has launched a new public campaign to designate the second Thursday of November as National Venison Day.

National Venison Day would officially commemorate the significant impact that deer and the venison they yield have had on our society and our American outdoor traditions. At the heart of the campaign is an online petition to drive public awareness and demonstrate support across the country. The petition is online at www.VoteVenison.com.

“Venison was served at the very first Thanksgiving, and deer are still the most popular big game animal in North America. So it’s easy to see that deer and the sustenance they provide are cultural and historic symbols of the United States,” says John Meng, president of the Hunter Heritage Foundation and host of the Outdoor Patriot Show. “By establishing a National Venison Day, the hunting and deer industries will have an annual platform to educate the public about the health benefits of venison and how hunting is one of America’s oldest traditions. I hope all sportsmen and deer enthusiasts support our effort to steer the national dialogue toward deer, venison and our time-honored hunting tradition.”

The Hunter Heritage Foundation is dedicated to preserving our hunting heritage through increased access, youth participation, and education on outdoor and wildlife issues. HHF also participated in the recently televised documentary The Truth About CWD by Keith Warren. As an additional part of its public education efforts, HHF publishes Spikes Magazine for children.

To sign the petition in support of the National Venison Day and/or learn more about the Hunter Heritage Foundation, visit www.HunterHeritage.org or www.VoteVenison.com or call 512.778.6292.

Logo courtesy Hunter Heritage Foundation

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