There’s no denying that AR rifles are popular with hunters, plinkers, home defenders, target shooters, competitors, marksmen, gun collectors, law enforcement, military units—and nearly everyone who owns firearms. Demand for ARs is outpacing production for the popular rifles.

ARs (or Modern Sporting Rifles) are hot.

The best news is that Crimson Trace can help make your AR cool—with the addition of accessories—or hardware.

Leading the way (and not just because this item is mounted on the front of the rifle) is Crimson Trace’s MVF-515. This Modular Vertical Foregrip has a bright white LED light that is partnered with a red or green laser. You simply mount the MVF-515 on a lower rail (Picatinney or similar) on the rifle’s forend, tighten the mounting screws, and then adjust the unit for wind and elevation with the provided tools. This sturdy grip is constructed from 6061-t6 aircraft aluminum with a hard-anodized tang. The grip sees duty with law enforcement units from coast to coast and military units around the globe. Yes, if you were wondering, the MVF-515 is available with an infrared laser, in case you have night vision capabilities. The light can also be used as a constant beam or as a flashing strobe. These units are easy to operate and can aid with aiming.

Another “hardware” option for your AR rifle is a Crimson Trace Rail Master. A half dozen models of this compact light or small laser “box” are available and include a red or green laser, or a 100\-lumen LED white light. The Rail Master secures to your rifle with Secure Lock Technology™ and can be easily mounted on M1913/Picatinny and Weaver rails. All Rail Master units, including the Coyote Tan Cerakote model, have tap on/tap off activation and will automatically shut off after five minutes of inactivity. Most Rail Masters provide service for two hours with one lithium battery. Seven models are available, including an infrared version.

AR (or MSR) rifles are popular, and Crimson Trace will help you find more reasons to like your rifle with hardware add-ons. For more details, to buy these products on line, or to locate a dealer where you can handle the products and test the lasers, visit:

Image courtesy Crimson Trace

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