ASYM PRECISION Ammunition congratulates Brian “Gunny” Zins of Team Cabot Guns on winning his 12th NRA National Pistol Championship at the recent NRA National Pistol Matches in Camp Perry, OH. Shooting through adverse weather conditions, Zins managed to shoot 2634 out of a possible 2700 with 126 X’s.

In addition to the tremendous performance of Gunny Zins, the other two legs of the match winning combination were a 1911 pistol built by Cabot Guns and ASYM PRECISON Ammunition’s 45 ACP National Match 185 grain JHP target load. ASYM PRECISION’s renown for making the best quality ammunition stood up to its reputation during the grueling week long competition allowing Zins to post a score that was 16 points ahead of 2nd place.

Stan Chen, who is a renowned custom pistolsmith and president of Stan Chen Custom and the founder of ASYM PRECISION Ammunition noted, “I am absolutely thrilled for Brian and his incredible performance, once again winning the most prestigious and storied pistol title in the country. I have long admired Brian’s shooting skill and mental toughness. It has also been fun to root for him on the History Channel’s Top Shot. For a marksman to win so many high-pressure titles, year after year, is simply phenomenal.”

According to Zins, “ASYM PRECISION Ammunition is by far the most consistent and accurate commercial ammo I have ever used. ASYM PRECISION Ammunition was instrumental in winning my 12th NRA National Pistol Championship as well as the center-fire and .45 caliber championships. I am honored to be part of the winning combination of Cabot Guns and ASYM PRECISION Ammunition.”

Chen also noted “This load was purpose-built to extract the maximum accuracy possible out of a well-tuned 1911 style pistol. I take a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction in knowing that this load accomplished its exact purpose, which is being capable of winning the National Pistol championship right out of the box”.

To date, a total of 8 world and national titles have been won using ASYM PRECISION Ammunition.

ASYM 45 ACP National Match ammunition is remarkably soft-shooting and is meticulously manufactured using proprietary loading techniques. The match ammunition used by Zins is loaded on fully automated machines which have been custom tuned by Stan Chen to produce the most accurate, highest quality ammunition possible. The brass is custom made for ASYM and proprietary bullet and powder make this ammunition truly world class. These techniques and ASYM’s unrelenting quality assurance protocols insure that both the precision marksmen and the recreational shooter have the best ammunition that money can buy.

ASYM PRECISION Ammunition would also like to thank Starline Brass for supplying the company with the very finest custom made brass casings available. “The consistency and quality of Starline brass is one of the key ingredients in allowing us to make the highest performing ammunition possible,” added Chen.

In producing this championship ammo, ASYM team member James Hobby was the Loading Technician, and Jessie Lenghart was the Inspection Technician. Team Cabot Guns consisted of William Bethards, Andy Moody, Brian Zins and Shane Clevenger (pictured left to right) and was led by Cabot Guns president Rob Bianchin.

Logo courtesy Asym Precision

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