Autumn is just around the corner, and that’s the prime season for sport optics. And for LensPen.

Whatever the outdoor activity, LensPen has the products to keep optics clean and images sharp, whether hiking a dusty trail, photographing turning leaves or taking in the big game. Photographers and outdoor enthusiasts have counted on LensPen to remove dust, grease and fingerprints from their optics for more than 20 years

LensPen offers five models of their lens and filter cleaning products: the Original LensPen for DSLR, binocular and scope lenses; MiniPro for compact camera lenses; MicroPro for eyepieces and cell phone lenses; FilterKlear for filters; and DigiKlear for camera LCD screens.

Each model features two working ends: a retractable natural brush for removing loose dust, and a cleaning pad impregnated with a carbon compound specially formulated to safely remove fingerprints from fine optics. The carbon compound used in LensPen products is similar to the one found in printer’s ink – which is why newspapers have remained a popular method for cleaning windows and glass for generations.

LensPen products are sold individually or in kits for specific uses. The OutdoorPro kit keeps lenses, eyepieces, binoculars and scopes clean and fog free. Use the DSLR Pro kit to clean lenses, eyepieces and filters on a DSLR. The PhotoPro kit includes an Original LensPen, MiniPro and MicroKlear cloth. OutdoorPro and PhotoPro kits include a zipper carry case that fits on a belt.

LensPen is available at Amazon, Cabela’s, Walmart and other fine optics retailers. For more information on LensPen products, go to To watch how LensPen keeps optics, touchscreens and DSLR sensors clean, go to

Image courtesy LensPen

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