Hunters who are able to recruit three new people into hunting would be eligible for a half price license the following year, under a new Department of Natural Resources program that seeks to encourage active hunters to introduce new people to hunting.

“Becoming a mentor may take a year to accomplish. However, it comes with immediate – as well as lifetime – rewards,” said Keith Warnke, DNR hunting and shooting sports coordinator.

Warnke says if three new hunters list a mentor as their “recruiter,” the mentor may receive a license of his or her choice at half-cost the next license year.

Apprentices can purchase a first-time hunter’s license for $5. The mentor then provides his or her DNR customer identification number to the apprentices and has them call DNR at 888-936-7463. The apprentices simply give the mentor’s identification number as the person who recruited them.

“If you accumulate three recruiter points, you receive a half-price license for you next year,” Warnke says.

“New hunting partners can become friends for a lifetime,” Warnke said, adding mentors can suggest the opportunity to family members, co-workers and friends. “And it is a great way to share the state’s hunting heritage.”

Warnke says those who are interested in hunting but don’t know how to start also can use the rewards program. “Ask a friend to take you hunting and explain this program,” he says. “There are hunters who can help you. And now it’s easy to reward them for their time.”

For more information on mentoring hunters, search the DNR website for “mentored hunting.”

Logo courtesy Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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