A new Boone and Crockett Club licensing partner, Deadeye Outfitters LLC, is putting a fresh face on hunters’ age-old tradition of honoring big-game animals, hunting and conservation.

A line of quality Boone and Crockett-branded apparel–hoodies, t-shirts, thermals, polo shirts and caps–features modern art and today’s graphic-design flare.

Deadeye Outfitters’ products can be viewed and purchased at http://shop.deadeyeoutfitters.com.

Chris Lacey, Deadeye Outfitters co-founder and artist, as well as a Boone and Crockett official measurer, says response to the new apparel is decidedly positive with rapidly increasing demand by customers of all ages.

“Our goal is to portray big-game hunting in a positive light. And I love the idea that our products help promote Boone and Crockett and its work,” said Lacey.

A portion of sales proceeds supports the Club’s conservation initiatives.

Keith Balfourd, marketing director for the Boone and Crockett Club, said, “Deadeye Outfitters is filling a very important niche in the marketplace. With their modern designs, these products are giving us a new audience and a new way to continue to deliver the hunting-and-conservation message that we’ve been delivering for 125 years.”

He added, “We were very pleased with the initial line of apparel produced by Deadeye Outfitters. During a test-market Club event in July, the clothing proved popular among men, women and youths. We’re excited about the future of Boone and Crockett-licensed apparel by Deadeye Outfitters.”

Visit Deadeye Outfitters’ homepage at www.deadeyeoutfitters.com.

Boone and Crockett’s official licensing partners include Leupold & Stevens, Wild Wings, Buck Knives, Boyt Harness Co. and now Deadeye Outfitters.

Logo courtesy Boone and Crockett Club

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