In Episode #81 of BHK Outdoor Radio L.T. and Dan talk to Brad Stallsmith from Peters’ Heat Treating.

L.T. and Dan welcome back Brad Stallsmith. Brad is involved in the Blade Sports International. There will be a certification and cutting competition at the Ohio Classic Knife Show in Cambridge, Ohio on October 18-19, 2013. Brad has always been interested in knives. The cutting competition is a great way to test blades, heat treating, and the ability to cut. The steel most commonly used is CPM M4 heat treated to the Blade Sports protocol for hardening.

Over the years the cutting competition has helped competitors and knife makers learn more about the geometry of blades, balance, and new steels. It is a great way to test knives and the heat treating process. When training in blade sports safety is very important. When they are training they focus on safe cutting, accuracy, and power. Training involves both power and finesse cuts. When someone is training they will practice cutting rope, golf balls and tennis balls that are rolling, dowel rods, solo cups, straws, and other household items.

Knives used for the cutting competition have evolved since Brad’s involvement. Styles have moved from a Bowie style knife to a cleaver style knife. Blind Horse Knives has gotten involved by becoming a Blade Sports sponsor and producing knives for the competition. Blind Horse Knives’ involvement has helped to make the competition more accessible by providing capable knives at a lower cost.

There will be one-on-one training and certification for the Blade Sports cutting competition on Friday morning October 18, 2013 at the Ohio Classic Knife Show in Cambridge, Ohio. The cutting competition will be Saturday October 19, 2013 at noon. All are encouraged to come and complete the training and compete or to watch the competition. Brad Stallsmith will be there competing as well as Dan Keffeler, the world champion of the 2013 Blade Sports International Cutting Competition.

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