The November issue of American COP reveals the ways training, education, motivation and leadership can outweigh the benefits of equipment — especially when it comes to conflict. In “Success In Combat: Equipment Or Training?” contributing writer Mike Wood discusses the consequences that overdependence on gear — and lack of training — can have in life or death situations.

“Perhaps the real issue here might be one of mindset and mental preparation, in particular a belief in false expectations,” explains Wood. “We’ve continued to see examples where individual officers or agencies, have, in the wake of a significant event, appeared to focus inordinately on equipment issues instead of taking a more balanced approach.”

Today’s lady cops have a plethora of new options when it comes to uniforms and boots. In “Stepping Out On The Town,” Aimee Grant details the best products in both, including brands like BLACKHAWK!, Original SWAT and Danner.

“Many of today’s options for lady cops fuse style and cutting-edge technology,” explains Grant. “Now, you can enjoy the female cuts or keep to the traditions of the male standard. With all this new tailoring for the shape of the female foot, we do get to keep a bunch of great existing perks working on the male foot.”

The November issue also highlights a look at the latest technology and gear from publisher Roy Huntington, “No Silly Widgets Here, More Good2Go Gear!”, which details products ranging from belts to compact survival kits. And John Grohn’s “Officer Survival” column aims to keep readers fit, with a look at cross training.

The November Giveaway package features a Safariland Group Gift Certificate valued at $1,500. The gift certificate offers ultimate selection from a variety of Safariland and Bianchi products —including rugged duty gear, range bags and more. Readers can enter for a free chance to win this impressive giveaway by visiting

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