“Maximum Warrior 4,” produced by Maxim, and sponsored by BLACKHAWK! for the second consecutive year, debuted its first episode Wednesday, Oct. 9, at MaximumWarrior.com. In the first action-packed episode, “Breach-N-Clear,” operators are tasked with breaching the exterior of a compound with explosives. Once inside, competitors are faced with multiple breaching solutions to open all doors. Operators are then tasked with eliminating hostile targets while locating and rescuing a hostage. The “Breach-N-Clear” episode finishes with a sneak preview for next week’s challenge, “Hogan’s Alley.”

Featuring more daring challenges and tougher obstacles, “Maximum Warrior 4” will test ten U.S. Special Operations soldiers as they compete in military-inspired missions for the title of Maximum Warrior. During each episode, operators will only have their battle-tested BLACKHAWK! gear and tactical skills to see them through.

In its fourth season, “Maximum Warrior 4” has grown to include more difficult tactical situations requiring quick-thinking and problem solving. The three lowest-scoring competitors will be eliminated after the fourth challenge with one competitor being eliminated following each subsequent challenge. The overall winner will be named the Maximum Warrior and receive $10,000 in cash and $3,000 worth of BLACKHAWK! gear. The second-place finisher will also receive a cash prize while all competitors will take home the pistol, carbine and all BLACKHAWK! tactical gear and apparel used in the show. In addition to the ten episodes, all operators will compete for additional prizes during three mini-challenges.

The official trailer is now showing on the Maximum Warrior YouTube Channel. Instructor and warrior profiles for this new season, along with the mini-challenges are available at MaximumWarrior.com. The videos will also be available through the MAXIM App on XBOX LIVE.

Fans will have a chance to win thousands of dollars worth of BLACKHAWK! gear and apparel used by the competitors in the show by registering for the giveaway sweepstakes at MaximumWarrior.com. Registration is currently underway.

Viewers are encouraged to stay tuned to the Twitter feeds of BLACKHAWK! and MAXIM along with the Facebook pages and websites of BLACKHAWK! and MAXIM to keep current on the latest information about “Maximum Warrior 4”—including teaser videos and new episode alerts.

For more information on BLACKHAWK! and BLACKHAWK! products, log on to BLACKHAWK.com.

Image courtesy ATK/Blue Heron Communications

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