Final scores have been tallied and America’s first National Amateur 3-Gun Champions have emerged from the recent Brownells US Amateur & Junior 3-Gun Nationals competition held September 28 – 29, 2013.

Sponsored by Brownells, the event registered more than 120 shooters in 5 divisions and 3 classes. Divisions included Tactical Optics, Tactical Irons, Heavy Tactical Optics, Heavy Metal and Open to provide access for all shooters based on their equipment and ability. Aside from competitors shooting through adverse rain conditions on Saturday the match went off without a hitch and was completed on time with a 9-stage course of fire that was challenging, fun and designed specifically for the amateur 3-Gun competitor.

“ We delivered on our objective to support and recognize amateur 3-Gun competitors who are not sponsored professionals”, said Larry Wayland, Co Match Director. “True amateur and junior shooters make up the majority of competitors attending major matches and now they have a sanctioned event that supports the growing sport and a venue to determine America’s national amateur champion 3 gun shooters.”

Built by an experienced team of multi and 3 gun course designers, the Brownells US Amateur & Junior 3 Gun Nationals included a total of 9 stages built to fully test the handgun, shotgun and rifle skills of competitors.

“Amateur shooters are the brand evangelists for the products they use on the range and extremely important to the growth of the sport.” adds Wayland. “Our competitors are big purchase influencers and extremely loyal to companies that support their sport”.

Drawing competitors from across the country with many families and couples competing side by side for national honors and a substantial prize table, the event showcased the attraction of 3 Gun for shooters at all ability stages with an opportunity to learn the sport in a more relaxed venue. Benelli Team shooters Kurt Miller and Trapr Swonson served as Range Officers and provided training and shooting tactics advise to shooters throughout the day.


Shooters Class                               Tactical Optics                    Tactical Irons

A Class National Champion            Dillen Easley                        James Whitner
B Class National Champion            Clint Cerner                          Brandon Hafner
C Class National Champion            JC McAlister                         DC Smith

Shooters Class                             Heavy Tactical Optics         Open

A Class National Champion          Chris Cazin                           Nick Kalishek
B Class National Champion          Mike Moore                          Jeremy Tappel
C Class National Champion          Craig Nordgren                     Blair Steine

Shooters Class                             Heavy Metal Division         Tac Optics Junior

A Class National Champion          Ken Nordstrom                     Nate Staskiewicz
B Class National Champion          David Barnard                      Stone Dudley
C Class National Champion          David Stark                           Kain Klein

Tactical Irons Junior Division
A Class National Champion          Jaden Roesner

Tactical Optics High Women Shooter
A Class National Champion          Heidi Kempin

Logo courtesy Brownells

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