The DuraSafe Electronics Lock (E-LOCK) has received the North American Fishing Club (NAFC) Seal of Approval after over 100 NAFC members gave the unique lock a 98 percent approval rating in field testing.

Marine electronics are an easy target for thieves. They just quickly unscrew the knobs, unplug the cords and in a matter of seconds the electronics are gone. The DuraSafe E-LOCK secures bracket-mounted electronics, leaving a thief no alternative but to move on.

Many of the NAFC field testers included favorable comments about the E-LOCK with their test results, including:

“I highly recommend the E-LOCK. It is easy to use and can go anywhere. If you want to protect your electronics, Get This!!!”

“When I saw the opportunity to try the E-LOCK, I actually got a little excited. Many of the places I travel to fish, I have to leave my boat outside, unprotected and in not so nice areas. I was happy to receive the E-LOCK so I can sleep a little better knowing my electronics are safe. I know there are no fool proof ways to keep bad people from doing bad things, but the E-LOCK is a great preventative measure.”

“What a great feeling to feel safe leaving my fish finder on the boat instead of constantly putting it on and taking it off! This is truly a great product. I actually took my boat to WalMart, and left it in the parking lot for an hour. When I came out, the fish finder was still on the mount. The E-LOCK is a must have, and I will never be without one!”

E-LOCK fits most major brands, including Cobra, Eagle, Garmin, Humminbird, Icom, Lowrance, Raymarine, Standard Horizon and Uniden. MSRP is US $29.95.

Image courtesy DuraSafe

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