DoubleTap Defense, LLC, a firearms design and manufacturing company, announces the addition of new calibers for the patented DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol to include the .410/.45 Colt and the .40 S&W. DoubleTap Defense will unveil the new calibers at the 2013 NASGW Expo & 40th Annual Meeting in Grapevine, Texas.

.410/.45 Colt
.410/.45 Colt

The new .410/.45 Colt and .40 S&W calibers will beavailable in the DoubleTap pistol model and as a Barrel Conversion Kit. The new .410/.45 Colt caliber for a 2.5-inch cartridge has become a popular self-defense and home protection cartridge readily available and affordable for the average citizen. The new calibers expand the variety of ammunition that can be used on the aluminum or titanium 5/8″ slim, no-snag frame and allow customers a greater choice in preferred ammo usage for their personal protection.

DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol .410/.45 Colt and .40 S&W MSRP:

 .410/.45 Colt T.40 S&W T.410/.45 Colt A.40 S&W A
MSRP:Non-Ported $729.00Non-Ported: $729.00
Ported: $799.00
Non-Ported $499.00Non-Ported: $499.00
Ported: $569.00

Images courtesy DoubleTap Defense

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