Point Blank Calls, innovators of the most realistic and effective wild game calls, is introducing its newest call, The Cry Baby.  The Cry Baby was developed after years of research and field testing.  The new Cry Baby call will allow hunters and photographers to call in whitetail, blacktail and mule deer into close range throughout the entire year.

The Cry Baby is an open reed call incased in an acrylic sound chamber that produces great, pure deer vocalizations.  The Cry Baby gives great intense sounds with little air pressure and is easy to use.  “The call is perfectly tuned to produce the one note soft sounds of a doe, the bleats of a lost fawn, or more intense frantic cries of an alarmed fawn, making The Cry Baby the perfect combination of a deer and predator call” says Scott Haugen, host of Trijicon’s “The Hunt” TV show.  Keep yourself hunt ready with the most versatile call made.

For more information on Point Blank’s, The Cry Baby, to view an instructional video on how to use The Cry Baby, or to learn more about additional Point Blank Hunting Calls, visit them on line at; www.pointblankcalls.com.

Image courtesy Point Blank Calls

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