The Beta/Purvines Race team has locked up the Open Expert Championship in the John Burr Cycles Endurance Series by winning the final 24 hour event held this past weekend at the famous Glen Helen Raceway. The team consisted of Nick Burson, Justin Morrow, Jason Parsons, Beta factory rider Max Gerston and newcomer to the team Ryan Abbatoye, all aboard their Beta 300 RR 2 stroke. The series consisted of three races including the 6, 10, and 24 hour events with the Purvines team taking top honors.

Nick Burson explains the race in detail, “The 24-hour event at Glen Helen Raceway is an event like no other. If you really begin to think about it, it may seem a little crazy. Who in their right mind really wants to do a 24-hour race? I have done this race in the past and said I would never do it again. So this year we as a team, Purvines racing decided to compete in the endurance series, which meant that I would be once again competing in the 24-hour event. My teammates were Ryan Abbatoye, Justin Morrow, Jason Parsons and Max Gerston. I felt we had a pretty solid team going in. Since our ultimate goal was winning the Endurance series championship consisting of the 6, 10 and 24-hour race we chose to race the Open Expert class. This allowed us two bikes and to have up to six riders. We chose to go with 5 riders though. After all the preparation and planning the race was finally here and the real work began. We started at 10am Saturday morning and would not receive the checkered flag until 10am on Sunday. We chose to have Abbatoye start and then I would ride second. Abbatoye got out to a great start and was catching up to the Pro line by the time he got off the bike. We only let him do 3 laps that way we could see how much gas we used. When he came in I looked at the gas tank and we had plenty of gas to do another lap. I got on the bike and set off on my first of many stints on the bike. Trying to ride a high pace but still conserve a little energy as it was going to be a long day. The course was the roughest I have ever seen at glen Helen. It had silt, square edges, and blue groove all over the backside of the course along with some really tight single track that was already turning into powder. I had a decent time on the bike and I was about 30 seconds from the pits on my 4th lap when disaster struck the bike started running out of gas. I milked it as far as I could but didn’t have enough. So I leaned the bike against the fence and took off sprinting towards our pits. I grabbed the dump can and took off sprinting for the bike. I made it about halfway and couldn’t run anymore. My teammate Jason Parsons grabbed the dump can from me and ran the rest of the way.   I took it back from him and gassed the bike and made it to the pits. I didn’t lose any positions but lost a lot of time. From here on out we stayed around 2nd to 4th overall almost all day. When nighttime came we were running 3rd overall and 1st in class. All we had to do was stay strong and consistent to bring home the championship. We had a few problems at night but nothing out of the norm for the 24-hour. All the rest of my rides, which I believe I rode 5 times, went really well and I think I actually got faster the more I rode. All in all I was happy with my fitness and all the team members. Especially our crew. My dad, Collin, Floyd, Tallons Dad and Dano stayed up all night to keep track of our laps and fix any problems we had. This race is really a test against everything. You have to have a really good crew of riders that are fast but will keep the bike going and a great bike which we had all the above. Our Beta 300’s never skipped a beat the whole race. I again say I will never do this race again but give it a few months and I might reconsider!”

Ryan Abbatoye doing the day at the 24 hr.
Ryan Abbatoye doing the day at the 24 hr.

The Purvines team also brought another 2 stroke out to race in the 125-250 Expert class. The team raced their Beta 250 RR to a solid win in the class and second in the championship. The team consisted of Jeremy Purvines, Axel Pearson, Curtis Bradley, Ryan Smith, Tallon Taylor, and Jacob Clements. Like the big bike team, the 250 guys had a few issues but prevailed at the end of the day with the win in the event and a second overall in the Endurance Championship.

“The 24 Hours of Glen Helen was a grueling race because of the length of time racing. This year was my first time at the event and it was very memorable. I was mainly in charge of riding at night due to my experience racing in the dark. Tallon, Axel, and Ryan rode during the day and got us set up very well running 1st in class and 7th overall from early on. I was able to do two laps around 2:00PM to see the course and to get used to the bike in preparation for my night duties. I had a smooth two laps and was able to flow comfortably on our Beta 250 RR. The suspension was a bit stiffer for my teammates but I was able to get used to it and felt very ready for the night. Curtis Bradley and Jacob Clements were helping me with night duties and also got the opportunity to ride two laps during the day. We ran into a slight hick-up when Jacob crashed on his second lap during the day and hurt his wrist. The team doctor Doc told him to stay off the bike and he would reexamine it in the morning. This left Curtis and I with the majority of the night riding. I would do two laps, Curtis would do two laps and then we would wake up someone to do two laps. Then we would start the process over swapping a different teammate at each end of the rotation so that Curtis and I were riding most of the night sections. We felt great and had a very smooth night despite the course getting rougher and dustier as the night wore on. All in all we had a very solid race with very few mistakes. Curtis and I each rode 8 laps during the night with our teammates helping us out and finishing the race at 10. I want to thank all of our pit crew that stayed awake over 30 hours to help keep us going including Floyd, Glen, Dano, Collin and everyone else. It was a major effort on behalf of our friends, family, and sponsors to get us through this race successfully. Thanks to Purvines Racing, American Beta, Motul, GPR, Faast Co, Fastway, RAD MFG, and all the rest of our sponsors!” explains Jeremy Purvines.

Team Manager Collin Woosley explains things from his side, “Overall we had a great weekend. With 11 riders, 4 bikes, 24 air filters and 6 rear tires it was a very busy 24 hours. The bikes ran great all race and the crew of volunteers and family members worked hard, long hours to make it happen. Without that support group we could never make it through this race, or any other for that matter. I would like to thank my team and support crew who make these races possible.

Image courtesy American Beta/ Dirt Magazine

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