Larson Electronics has announced the release of a new LED Golight equipped with a magnetic base and LED lamp assembly for greater power and durability and easy mounting. The GL-30815 Camouflage LED Golight Stryker from Larson Electronics produces a 6.5 million candlepower light beam and can be easily attached to any metallic surface without the need for mounting hardware.

The Larson Electronics GL-30815 Camouflage LED Golight Stryker is a powerful and versatile remote controlled spotlight that takes the proven performance of Golight and improves it with LED technology and magnetic mount capability. This high power spotlight is built for performance with a UV and heat resistant weatherproof housing and high power LED lamp assembly producing 2,500 lumens and carrying a 50,000 hour lifespan. Unlike halogen Golights which produce a yellowish colored light and commonly display beam irregularities due to the wire filament design of the halogen bulb, the beam from this LED Golight is crisp white in color and well formed. Using LEDs in place of halogen bulbs also enhances durability and efficiency, with LEDs able to withstand a much higher level of vibrations and impacts and using approximately half as much power. This LED spotlight will throw a beam exceeding 900 feet in length, and the higher quality of the beam means better detail rendering and contrasting of objects at long distances, making it ideal for hunting applications. This Golight is also fitted with a 100 lb grip magnetic base that allows the user to quickly and securely attach the unit to vehicle roofs, heavy equipment, off road vehicles, and just about any metal surface that will accept a magnet. A 16 foot long cord with cigarette plug further simplifies operation, and the 12 volt power requirement of this light is compatible with most common vehicle electrical systems. The GL-30815 is remote controlled and comes with a single handheld weatherproof remote that controls on/off, up/down, and side to side operation from up to 100 feet away. A tough camouflage finish rounds out this package and lends itself well to applications such as hunting, scouting, and security, where operators prefer a less obtrusive profile. The GL-30815 pulls 3 amps at 36 watts while producing 6 million candlepower compared to the 5 amps at 65 watts and 6.5 million candlepower of a halogen Golight, making it a perfect choice for hunting, security, boating, and anywhere operators require a powerful spotlight that can stand up to rugged use without draining batteries at an excessive rate.

“This camouflage magnetic LED spotlight gives predator hunters 360 degrees of rotation and 140 degrees of tilt in a compact form factor that can be positioned with a wireless remote up to 100 feet away,” said Robert Bresnahan with Larson Electronics “With high vibration resistance, wireless remote control, magnetic mounting system, and small form factor, the GL-30815 remote control LED light is ideal for hogs, coyotes and other predator hunting applications.”

Image courtesy Larson Electronics

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