Few knife designs are as quintessentially American as the classic Bowie Knife. With nearly 125 years of producing high quality knives in upstate New York, The Ontario Knife Company has a long tradition of crafting a wide variety of Bowies. One such design was a key component of OKC’s top selling SPEC PLUS line, the SP5 Bowie Knife.  The knife was introduced more than 20 years ago, but as product lines ebb and flow, it was eventually removed from the line – much to the lament of many loyal fans.  However, thanks to a lengthy list of customer requests and a remarkable customer testimonial, the OKC SP5 Bowie
Knife returns.

After receiving a steady stream of requests for the return of the OKC SP5 Bowie Knife, the company caught wind of one customer’s terrible house fire. As the story goes, the house structure and belongings were completely destroyed and as the gentleman was picking through the charred remains of his home, he stumbled upon something remarkable; his trusty OKC SP5 Bowie knife, with the blade and powder coat in near mint condition. The man requested the return of the SP5 to OKC’s product line and OKC could not refuse. Tempered in fire and like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the OKC SPEC PLUS 5 Bowie had proven its mettle, fought its way back from history, and returned to the forefront of OKC’s product line.

The Ontario Knife Company’s new SPEC PLUS 5 Bowie is a fighting knife, a hunter’s companion, and an all-purpose wilderness survival tool. The OKC SP5 features a sturdy, full-tang construction designed for serious cutting and chopping power. Its 10-inch blade is constructed from 1095 Carbon Steel with a 57-59 HRC. The .250-inch blade thickness ensures the OKC SP5 will handle all of your cutting, chopping, splitting and prying operations necessary for routine camp chores or to survive in a freezing wilderness or sweltering
jungle trek.

The hefty Bowie is reluctant to reflect light and resists the effects of the elements thanks to a tough black powder coat finish. The handle is constructed from Kraton for a sure grip regardless of wetness, bloodiness, or silt. An essential component of both bug-out-bags and fixed blade collections, the OKC SP5 is also a reliable companion at the cabin, RV, campground, or backcountry and it will help you to get your fires started faster, shelters constructed quicker, and traps built easier.

Founded in 1889, The Ontario Knife Company is a U.S. owned and operated organization that continually stays on the forefront of knife designs and cutting-edge technology. Ontario’s military supply roots go deep into its history, as the company has been supplying quality cutlery to the U.S. Military since WWI. Today, the company consistently develops new knife designs that allow military personnel to have the products they need in order to get their jobs done both on and off of the battlefield. Ontario Knife is also especially proud of being selected as the sole provider of the United States Marine Corps OKC3S Multi-purpose Bayonet System. In addition to being a major supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces, Ontario Knife teams with a nationwide network of distributors/dealers to market its products to many diverse consumer and niche markets including the tactical/military, hunting, outdoors and cutlery industries. Worldwide sales activity encompasses more than 28 countries, and continues to grow.

Image courtesy Ontario Knife Company

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