Hog hunting has grown exponentially in recent years, in part because the animals have very few natural predators.  Because of this, they have begun to run rampant throughout the nation making them a nuisance and for some an expensive problem.  Enter ProGrade Hog Grade ammunition.  Because whether you are in heavy brush, a swamp or grasslands, when a wild boar comes charging at you – with its thick natural body armor, dense bones and sharp tusks – your heart will race, and you’ll be glad you have ProGrade Hog Grade rounds loaded. Because anything less than a kill shot may be a deadly mistake.

All rounds chosen to be included in the ProGrade Hog Grade series have been carefully selected by ProGrade specialists.  A number of factors were taken into consideration when choosing appropriate grades for hog hunting, including how effectively they could stop a hog in its tracks – piercing through massive amounts of meat, hide and possibly large bone.  With hundreds of rounds field-tested and analyzed, a select number of cartridges were ultimately included in the Hog Grade series.  All of the cartridges in the line are tough and designed for deep penetration.

A sow pig has an average litter of about 4-6 piglets, however, she can have up to as many as 14.  With an average of 1-2 litters each year per sow pig, it’s no surprise that hogs are over-populated across the country.  Because of this, most states consider wild boar and feral hogs unregulated quadrupeds, which means there is no specific hunting season, making it a year-round sport.

As with any hunt, be knowledgeable and be prepared.  That includes everything from what you wear to what you fire.  The ProGrade Hog Grade line of ammunition includes proven winners like the Barnes TAC-XP, which has superior knockdown power and Hornady rounds which feature checked bullets that will not deform on impact and create a large deep wound channel.  ProGrade Hog Grade ammunition is available in 14 different calibers in 28 variations for rifle and handguns including .223 Remington, .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum.

ProGrade Ammunition is an ammunition company that has simplified the process of choosing ammunition by hand-selecting the best-of-the-best ammunition based on usage categories. With more than 250 variations in the complete line of pistol and rifle ammunition, ProGrade has created ten grades of product – Defense Grade, Hog Grade, Varmint Grade, Cowboy Grade, Hunter Grade, Bear Grade, Range Grade, Match Grade, Safari Grade and Tactical Grade – for shooters of every caliber.  The key to their full line of premium quality ammunition lies in part to the practice of their hand-loading process, which takes place here in the United States.  In addition, ProGrade implements the tightest tolerances in the industry.  Safety. Accuracy.  Reliability.  Quality. Together these hallmarks of ProGrade Ammunition ensure shot-to-shot consistency and guarantees unmatched and superior performance.

Image courtesy ProGrade

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