With the increase in firearms sales in recent years, there has been a parallel increase in safety-related purchases, and dealers should take advantages of the many sale options that safety products provide for consumers. In the lead story of the November issue of Shooting Industry, “Safety First,” Carolee Anita Boyles examines the latest safety trends and best products available, from safes to eye-and-ear protection.

Safety products offer an opportunity for upselling, accessorizing and boosting sales in general, as evidenced by Brenda Crooke, the manager at the Bargain Barn in Jasper, Ga.

“Many safes are coming in now with extra pockets and added space on the doors,” Crooke said. “That gives customers a lot of places to put ammo and accessories. It gives the customer more for his money, and it gives us more to offer the customer.”

In “Air Reload,” Greg Staunton investigates the modern airsoft and airgun market. Moving far beyond the “youth factor,” today’s airguns feature advanced technology and capabilities, bolstering “air” appeal and broadening customer base.

“For consumers drawn to more serious target shooting or hunting, there is an extensive array of airguns that offer impressive performance, enhanced by advances in technology,” said Staunton. “The first time a customer sees an air rifle pellet — one traveling in excess of 1,000 feet per second — create a sizable hole in a tin can, the usual reaction is, ‘Wow! I didn’t know they could do that!’”

In “The Extra Season,” J.K. Autry explores the profit potential behind varmint and predator sales, and how it extends the hunting and selling season. This issue also highlights the best ways to market shotguns for women, a look at the expansion of Trop Gun Shop and an insight into the recent successful innovations at Sportsman Shooting Center in Grapevine, Texas.

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